About Dr Tiffany Hughes

Tiffany has extensive consultant hospital experience in the management of allergic and immunologic diseases. She trained in Adelaide, Perth and Oxford and as a consultant has worked in the Perth and Adelaide teaching hospitals. From her time working at Princess Margaret Hospital, Perth she has paediatric experience, as well as her current predominantly adult practice.

Currently a Senior Clinical Immunologist at Flinders Medical Centre and a Senior Lecturer at Flinders University, Tiffany loves teaching. She is well known nationally for teaching advanced trainees in clinical immunology and immunopathology, and for many years she held the role of Chair of the Joint College Training Committee for Immunology and Allergy for the specialist colleges, the RACP and RCPA. She has recently retired from being Chair of the RCPA Quality Assurance Programme for immunopathology. She currently teaches medical students, immunology registrars and has been involved in education at schools and other community groups.

She is committed to taking that love of education through to her patients, as successful care of allergies includes a good collaboration between specialists, GPs and their patients to maximise understanding and optimal decision making. Working at Malvern Allergy, within the Malvern Dermatology rooms, is a joy. Tiffany is fortunate to be working with a highly experienced allergy nurse who will also be able to provide great education and support.

Tiffany and her husband, Steve, have two school age daughters and live locally. Whilst they love to escape to their shack on weekends, more often than not they can be found at their children’s many and varied activities.


Dr Tiffany Hughes, MBBS FRACP FRCPA

“Dr Hughes enjoys improving the health of people with respiratory allergies so that they can enjoy the fabulous outdoors that we have in South Australia.”

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54 Oxford Terrace, Unley, SA 5061 (located within the Malvern Dermatology rooms)

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